Thanks Masuka…

So they say inspiration can come from anywhere, therefore I’d like to thank the character Masuka from the TV series ‘Dexter’. He’s well known for sporting terrible shirts, maybe that’s unkind so let me re-phrase that – shirts that are not to my taste. In this particular episode whilst I was pondering how to paint my nails he was wearing a turtle patterned, purple shirt *light bulb moment*. I’d like to think my turtle pattern has a much better colour combination, and wouldn’t actually be that bad printed on a shirt.

Turtle Pattern Nail Art.png

7 thoughts on “Thanks Masuka…

  1. I love this print! Why just a shirt? I’d buy a cute dress in this print! Also, Masuka is better-known for being a sleazeball than for his shirts, don’t you think? 😀 😀

  2. Love your nails and Dexter!!!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’ve been just binging on the whole lot of it. I never watched it at the time, but it seems to be one of those shows that everyone eventually sees.

  3. How adorable are those turtles? Gah, so cute – I love how some of them are swimming on and off your nails. Really nice.

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