Cheeky Nandos…

So if you happened to see my Instagram story on Saturday you may have guessed that I was dining at Nandos for dinner!

What do you guys think about Nandos?

For me, it’s a little over-hyped if you listen to the people that say it’s ‘amazing’. The food is okay, but nothing spectacular and I would say it’s potentially over-priced for what you actually get. But for a meal out every now and then it does the job, but to be honest I would rather go somewhere else. I have to be in the mood for a Nandos, it’s not my ‘go to’ restaurant. So why was I there then, well it was for my dads birthday meal with my brother and he loves Nandos. (It was either that or McDonalds…)

I decided to paint the peri-o-meter, even though I never dare touch anything above ‘extra mild’ because I’m a big scaredy-cat when it comes to heat. But there was no way I was going to be able to cram the words ‘extra mild’ in to that tiny space, so ‘Hot’ was my best option. Of course I also had to paint the Nandos Rooster (or rather ‘Barcelos Cockerel’) as it is their logo, and went with writing Nandos on my thumb. I enjoy painting lettering as it’s quite satisfyigin, even although I messed up the ‘S’ as I had sort of ran out of space whoops!

Nandos Nail Art


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

7 thoughts on “Cheeky Nandos…”

  1. These are so great – they look awesome. 🙂 We have a couple of Nando’s franchies here in Ottawa – been once, and you are right, pretty overpriced. My husband’s a vegetarian, so he got his grilled haloom sandwich that looked and smelled and apparently tasted delicious, but I know it didn’t come remotely close to filling him up, and it was, yeah, pricey. I saw bottles of their sauce at the grocery store the other day – another option!

    1. Yeah, I know we’re not meant to eat till bursting point but if you’re eating out you want to be filled. And I think everyone kind of comes away sort of knowing they’ll be hungry again in a few hours.
      Their home sauces/marinades are actually pretty tasty. I LOVE the mango and lime marinade, it’s constantly on anything and everything. And I like the Lemon and Herb too. Both of them are ‘mild’ but my partner tells me the garlic is pleasant whilst still having a slight kick.

  2. Ah I do like Nandos sometimes and I do get the Hot. Extra Hot just isn’t tasty for me and to be honest hot isn’t even that hot ;0) I do like this nail art though. Maybe one day you’ll be brave enough 😀 xx

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