Everyday Lunar…

So, at the weekend, I wore these nails to compliment the dress I wore a friends wedding. The two polishes are Models Own ‘Lunar Grey’ and ‘Everyday Grey’. The dress itself was out of Monsoon, and I’m not ashamed to say I picked it up in the sale – it cost me £40 compared to the original price of £180. It’s a full length dress and hand embellished (it’s embellished all over) so it probably was worth the original price but… I can’t comfortably justify spending that amount of money on a dress that I will potentially only wear once.

I think it looked good, it didn’t look ‘out of season’ or have any damage and I was honestly lucky to pick something up as they often don’t have my size left by sale time. If push came to shove, I may have ended up taking a visit to Tesco or Asda. They often have beautiful items of clothing, that are good quality for attractive prices and fit well. Does anyone else wear ‘supermarket’ clothes?

Everyday Lunar Grey Wedding Nails.JPG


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

6 thoughts on “Everyday Lunar…”

  1. Lovely! One of my favourite dresses ever (no longer fit in it, regrettably) was a pale lilac dress embellished with little embroidered flowers in glittery silver thread. I *still* think about that dress! So great that you could grab it on sale, no less, and your nails looked lovely.

    1. Why thank you! 😀
      Do you still have it? Would it be too much to get it re-taylored in to like a bolero or some sort of ‘night out’ t-shirt thing? I have a bridesmaid dress that I feel too guilty to throw out, it really can’t be worn as a normal dress, so I’ve been considering getting it sewn in to some sort of long, bat wing t-shirt for more everyday wear. (sounds terrible but I’m sure it wouldn’t look so bad… I hope)

      1. You know, I *may*? Somewhere at my parents’ house perhaps? I think I’d even be happy just looking at it again, but now that you mention it, it might make a pretty spectacular pillow cover!

        Oh, bridesmaids dresses…no, your idea doesn’t sound terrible at all, and it’s what we all hope our friends will do with their overpriced dresses, but never do. Because bridesmaid dresses are truly SUCH a racket. It’s honestly one of only two things I’d do differently about my wedding – NOT ask my friends to buy matchy-matchy $300 dresses, as beautiful as they all looked that day. 😦

      2. Yeah, that’s a great idea! A cushion cover would be awesome. Can you please have a look for it at some point, it would be great it you could find it.
        I’ll get my finger out about getting mine made into something! I’d even love to make some sort of like embroidery art from it. I don’t know, I think it’s going to be one of those projects forever stuck up in the ether.
        It’s crazy how expensive weddings are, it genuinely puts me off having one haha!

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