The Great Bear, the Hydra and Scorpius…

So today’s the day, I’m finally ready to reveal what I’ve been working on – Constellation jewellery!


Constellations have always really fascinated me. The fact they were made up through imagination, beliefs and mythology is so interesting. I love looking up at the night sky on a clear evening and finding my favourites, I mean who doesn’t right? I’ve only made three to start with, firstly because I want to see how popular they are and secondly to help me manage the production of them. There’s surprisingly a lot to them for such simple looking items; drawing, cutting, shrinking, gemming, resin coating, drying, necklace making and packing.

The three constellations I chose to focus on are ‘The Great Bear’ (Ursa Major), ‘The Hydra’ and ‘Scorpius’. Please let me introduce them to you individually…

The Great Bear (Ursa Major)
I think this was the very first constellation I could find in the sky by myself unaided. It’s still the first one I pick out, and use it as a base marker to help me find others.

The Great Bearlogo.jpg

The Hydra
So lets just get the obvious mistake out of the way, hydras usually have multiple heads right, well apparently not this one. It’s one of the largest and longest constellations in the night sky.


My star sign is Scorpio so it made sense to include this in the collection. Interestingly, you will never find Orion and Scorpius in the night sky at the same time. A scorpion took down Orion, so when they went to live in the heavens as stars they were places at opposite sides so as not to aggravate each other. How fun is that!

The Scorpiuslogo.jpg

Trying to get a photograph of them as been pretty tricky, the resin and gems are so shiny that they reflect the light terribly. But I suppose it helps demonstrate how glossy the finish is! Each one is unique, the main constellations are all the same but the extra sprinkling of stars is unique to each piece. They all sit on silver plated curb chain, with a lobster clasp and a WonderfulWolf tag. I’ve opened up an Etsy shop today too, so please check it out it’s called ‘WonderfulWolfCrafts

Let me know which necklace is your favourite!






Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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