Fried Egg…

So every second Saturday of the month, there’s a great farmers market held in Stirling. It has a selection of hand-made gifts (for example soy candles, jewellery, knitted garments) as well as lots of fresh local produce; ethically reared veal, pork, chicken, a fishmongers, organic vegetables, cheese, eggs, wine and so on. It really is fantastic! This time I picked up pigeon breasts, a rabbit, 6 huge duck eggs, butter and some vegetables. The butter was gorgeously creamy and I’d never seen it in such a bright, strong yellow before to the extent that I actually commented to the stall holder that it looked so tasty. She explained that all the cows and ducks are still grazing outside because it’s been quite a good summer for growing grass. The better the grass, the better the produce (bigger eggs, better butter) – makes sense right.

Well guess what? One of the eggs turned out to be a double yolker! It’s such a lovely surprise, and even better with a duck egg as the yolk is just so good. I still have two to eat so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, I’ve totally just blethered on more about yummy foodstuff than my nails, whoops… To be honest I could have easily summed all of that to the following “I went to the market and bought some eggs, they were tasty so I painted my nails in honor them”.  It’s just a shame that my nails aren’t big enough to pay homage to the beautiful double yolker.

These we really fun to wear and paint. I used these strange ‘Bubble Magnifier‘ blobs from BornPrettyStore, and to be honest at the time of purchase goodness knows what I had in mind for them. I think it was a case of my subconscious nail supply hoarder collector instinct taking over but I’m glad it did as they were just perfect for yolks!

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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