BornPrettyStore: Mini Beads…

So the item that I’m reviewing this week are these cute ‘Candy Colour Mini Beads‘ in option #11 – they were sent to me from BornPrettyStore. If you’re not familiar with BPS, they sell a huge range of nail art supplies as well as household items, fashion accessories and stationary at fantastic prices with free delivery. Out of all the times I’ve placed an order with them, I’ve never had any issues other than having to wait a while for it but this is due to processing and shipping, my parcels have always arrived within the estimated time frame anyway so there’s nothing to complain about.

The little mini beads, and they are mini, come in a re-seal-able bag. They’re definitely a step up in size from microbeads and are described as being 1.5mm in diameter. I picked option #11 due to the variety of colours, as you can see there’s light blue, dark blue, white, light pink, dark pink, purple, green, red, yellow and orange – which is 10 colours in one bag, that’s not bad going!

When they arrived and I saw the colours and just the way they looked in the bag, a design immediately sprang to mind – sprinkles of course! (Anyone else get that upon seeing them?) So I painted my nails like melting ice-creams and then used the cocktail stick and picker gel combo to pick up and place the beads. I really recommend using picker gel, or one of those picker pencils as using tweezers might send the balls pinging all roads!

I did one nail at a time, painting a thick layer of top coat and placing the beads whilst it was still wet to ensure they stuck well. I think they turned out really cute! Ice-cream nails are totally in as well because it’s summer isn’t it?…. I’m looking for confirmation as it’s been pretty rainy where I am lately.

I dared to top-coat them with Seche Vite as it is notorious for smudging/melting the colouring off of things. It was pretty tricky trying to get in between all those gaps and I think I would have been better going for the splodging option rather than the brushing option. The beads actually fared relatively well; there was slight bleeding from the red, and a slight pooling of melted colour from one of the orange beads but the others seemed to survive pretty well! *cringe* Isn’t it horrendous to see your own work up that close…

If you’ve checked out the BornPrettyStore website and fancy ordering the Mini Beads or anything else, if you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you will get 10% off all full priced items in your order. Let me know if you’ve ordered from BPS before and what it was!


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

15 thoughts on “BornPrettyStore: Mini Beads…”

    1. They weren’t too bad! The picker gel/cocktail stick combo was super effective, I was able to pick up one at a time and get the one I wanted. Sometimes with the smaller microbeads you get about a hundered at once and they all stick together and that’s a pain in the arse!

      1. Oh, believe me, I know that particular beaded pain all too well. I keep finding tiny little orange beads from the sushi nails I did caught in the cracks between my floorboards.

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