Pokemon Theme: Electabuzz…

So surely I wasn’t the only one who thought this guys name was actually ‘Electrabuzz’? I’ve been saying it incorrectly for at least like 16 years, how embarrassing. It just doesn’t sound right now! I also never really noticed it’s feline-like appearance (until reading up about it on Bulbapedia), especially in regards to it’s tiger like pattern on it’s fur. So that’s what I decided to choose as the focus for my nail art – the pelt of an Electabuzz.

125 Electabuzz

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Theme: Electabuzz…”

  1. I think it has since been suspended everywhere but Japan and the States, but have you had a go at Pokemon Go yet? I thought of you when I saw it had launched, but I think it’s been having some problems, hence the suspension for now.

    1. It didn’t come out in the UK until Thursday last week – a lot of my friends downloaded it ‘illegally’, but I wanted to wait for the proper release incase they somehow deleted bogus accounts – but now the servers are having problems! 😦
      Without sounding like one of those people, I’m sort of annoyed that people are doing it as sort of a craze – like I’m a genuine pokemon fan and can name them all (a little sketchy on the new new ones) but I’ve heard people saying things like ‘I’ve caught a crab one’, ‘all I keep finding are those birds’ etc and it bugs me because they’re not even trying. I think it’s great that there’s interest but I’m sad that they’re playing it to look ‘cool’. I’m not saying everyone should be hard-core, I’m not even a hard-corer, but I hope you get what I meaning as I felt this was turning in to a bit of a rant?….

      1. No, I know what you mean – it’s always pretty irksome when people jump en masse onto a bandwagon that you’ve been riding for an eternity. I can’t imagine what it must be like with Pokeman in particular, though, right now – you can’t escape that crap, and people are doing some super dumb, criminal things that will give the entire franchise a bad name. Also, I can’t help but worry about the immense liability on Nintendo’s part. I’m sure the game is boilerplated to hell and back with “We assume no responsibility for how you dumbasses use this game,” but that won’t stop people from tripping over dead bodies or using it to mug people or wandering out into traffic, and then attempting to sue for it. It’s making money hand over foot, but cripes, what a clusterfuck.

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