Essential Nails Design 5 & 6…

So today, I practiced two more designs on my Essential nails course.

Design 5 is ‘Animal Print Zebra’ and I had mega problems with controlling the brush. It’s so thin and long that it was bending everywhere and like slipping off the nail at strange angles. And I managed to smudge the paint with my topcoat, argh. I felt really silly as I’ve done plenty of tiger/zebra print in my time, I’m going to put it down to my head not being in the game. I felt that the bottom right hand nail was not bad, the lines are pretty even, the paint is consistent however the lines are still a little wobbly. More practice needed!

Design5 Animal Print Zebra
Design 6 is ‘Animal Print Leopard’ and this was a strange one; The pictures in the tutorial are a little inconsistent, and the marking guidelines are a little vague. Even though the design on each nail is ‘random’ they look relatively consistent, I think this may be a design that I’ll have to ask my tutor about.

Design6 Animal Print Leopard

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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