Stone Splatter…

So this design was just a quickie. For some reason I felt in a bit of a messy mood, I quite fancied trying out my Nail Inc Spray Can but I’ve heard that’s super messy and I wasn’t digging messy that much. Instead I opted for a watered down acrylic paint paint splatter design. The black applied like a dream! The white however, was terrible. It sort of disappeared to nothing – maybe I mixed in too much water or maybe the white isn’t pigmented enough (they were pretty cheap paints that I bought ages ago). The end result isn’t too bad though! If I’d had more time it would have made for a really cool base for something but alas…

Even with loads of liquid latex on the paint managed to spray everywhere, I mean it’s even on my palms, but I’m not complaining as that’s what I totally wanted! The base colour is OPI Infinite Shine ‘Steel Waters Run Deep’.


2 thoughts on “Stone Splatter…

  1. Love it! It looks exactly like stone; very cool!

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