Revlon Parfumerie Delivery…

So no nail art today, but certainly some nail polish! I usually use ‘Groupon’ (which is a discount website) for things like fancy dinners and tickets for events and experiences, however lately I noticed they also have a ‘goods’ section. I was perusing the wares and saw they were offering 6 Revlon Parfumerie Polishes for £9.98 (which includes delivery)! Now, I had looked at these bottles in store and as pretty as the shades were I couldn’t bring myself to fork out £6.50 for a colour that I didn’t really need. But at like £1.70 a bottle, well you know what happened. Here’s the twist though – the 6 bottles would be random, eek. In my head I imagined being sent all the beige colours, or even just 6 of the same colour. However, when the package arrived I was pretty darn happy as I received a good mix! (Can I just say that digging through those polystyrene peanuts trying to find bottles of polish was so much fun, especially because the colours were a surprise. I genuinely think it would be a great funfair game for adults or maybe that’s just me being a polish junkie.)

Revlon Delivery
Let me show you them individually;

China Flower
Autumn Spice
Italian Leather
Surf Spray
Personally I thought Autumn Spice looked the most interesting and had the potential to smell the best. Unfortunately I really only smelled the smell of polish but with some slight hint of something else – all of them were like this. Considering their scented element seems to be the unique marketing point, you would be right to be disappointed if you’d bought them to smell like how they’re described.

Parfumerie Brush
I was a little nervous at seeing how thin the brush was, but actually the formula is smooth and applied really well. I’ve only used two so far for designs, Italian Leather and China Flower, and they were both opaque with two coats which is about the norm. I was also concerned if the top would be clumsy to hold and paint with, but to be honest it wasn’t any real hindrance. I tried to do some half assed swatches which are below. Italian Leather is pretty cool, I like the speckling of gold/bronze that it has – it isn’t like any of my other polishes. China Flower is an odd one as it looks more pink in the bottle but comes out as this super punchy, pink toned, with undercurrents of orange, red shade.

Italian Leather Swatch
China Flower Swatch
Beachy Swatch
Does anyone else own a shade from Revlons Parfumerie range? More importantly were you impressed?
P.S can I just add – how cute are the little bottles though!

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

5 thoughts on “Revlon Parfumerie Delivery…”

  1. I have a few. Lavender soap, China Flower, Pineapple, and one other I cant think of right now. But the soap one will make you smell soap ALL THE TIME. At first I was like nice, I smell clean! Then two days later it’s all you can smell even when you’re eating. lol I LOVE the pineapple smell but the actual polish bubbles like crazy for me and it’s such a sheer pink you have to do a billion coats.

    I’m kind of sad that you only had hints of a smell for the leather one because I’m curious what it smells like! All of the bottles I have smell really strong after drying.

    1. Ahhh, maybe that’s the key! Letting them dry. I smelled them in the bottle and I didn’t get much. And then once I’d painted my nails, I whacked Seche Vite on top because that’s what I always do and that stuff stinks (of polish). So maybe I’ve actually been smelling them wrong!

      1. I use a couple layers of Out The Door and i can still smell mine, i dunno!. I got pretty curious what my other color was and it’s the Tea Rose one. Very pretty pink with a sort of shimmer to it. I put it on because it’s the best smelling one. My hands just smell like flowers! lol And it applied really well.

      2. Haha just be careful if you’re smelling your fingers in public though! Might look a bit strange…
        I totally agree about the application though, the three I’ve tried have been so smooth. I think I’ll have to try some more and pay more attention to smelling them afterwards.

  2. I agree that you can smell a lot more after drying… My favourite one is “Espresso” and i admit, i sometimes smell at my fingers in public when i wear it and when i hope nobody watches me… Kinda weird, I know… Greetz

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