Monday Make: Easter Wreath…

So I’ll be doing a new ‘feature’ possibly every few weeks, where my Monday posts will be about a ‘make’ I’ve completed. (Why a Monday, purely because of the alliteration.) This weeks Monday make is an Easter wreath! I like to decorate the living-room to match the seasons and with Easter approaching fast it was time for me to get decorating.

I’d seen a few wreaths in TKMaxx, however there was always a certain aspect that put me off (a wrong colour, not quite the right style, etc etc), therefore I decided to make my own. I headed to Hobbycraft and picked up some supplies;
A plain wreath – £3
Wire foam roses – £1
Wire paper flowers – £1
Packet of polystyrene eggs – £1
Box of chicks – £1
(I already had my glue gun and some moss)

As much as I love the tackiness of fluffy chicks, they were really out of place in this design and not in a good way so I decided to leave them off. After I’d had a play about with the layout, I got down to gluing everything down – aren’t glue guns just wonderful things!

I think it turned out really well! As tacky as those roses and flowers looked in the packets, I think they look quite pretty and delicate on the wreath. They came on wire stalks which I had to cut off so I could glue them on, and this left me with lots of green wire bits. Not wanting  them to go to waste, I decided to create little spiral bits to add extra charm!

For something that cost around £5 to make, I believe it was totally worth it! I’ll be able to use it every year too. Does anyone else decorate for Easter?


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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