In the buff…

So admittedly I don’t have a very good hand-care routine, which is a little disgraceful as my digits feature heavily on this blog. I try to use moisturiser when my hands feel dry or when I remember to use the stuff; I have moisturiser next to my bed, on a side table in the living-room, in my own room and even in the car. I also like using Burt’s Bees cuticle cream having two ‘in use’ tins. My main issue is that I usually can’t apply these items, this is due to having several (several meaning lower than 10 but higher than 8) fish tanks. My hands inevitably end up in my fish tanks during the day at some point or another whether it be to tweet a plant, water changes, pipette out some poo (goldfish poo so much), etc. This means that if there were to be anything on my hands I would be introducing it in to the aquariums –  probably meaning the creation of an oily film on the surface from my creams which is a bad thing for the fish! In conclusion my hands are always a little bit drier than they should be, but I think it’s a fair sacrifice because I enjoy fish-keeping so much, so please forgive me and understand why my cuticles or hands might look a little on the dry side sometimes.

Before.After Buffing
Anyway, the main point in this whole post was to show my first experience on ‘buffing’ my nails. Have a look at all those ridges my left-hand nails have! It’s ridiculous. So whilst in Sally’s I purchased a 4 step buffer, you can’t go wrong with it as the steps are numbered. Step 1 was majorly rough, I felt like I was going to file my nails to nothing as there was nail dust everywhere. Step 2 was a little finer, Step 3 was finer again and step 4 was more a kind of polishing file that left them super shiny without a top coat. Aren’t the results great! My only concern is ‘Is this an okay thing to do?’, like am I causing any damage by filing off my ridges. How often should you buff? Does anyone else buff?
Step 1 was Harsh

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

2 thoughts on “In the buff…”

  1. Nail nudity! 😀

    I stopped buffing my nails a while ago and since then my hair have grown stronger. Makes sense considering every time you buff your nails, you actually remove tiny layers of keratin. But If you want to buff your nails once in a while, I guess that’s OK.

    I do, however, buff my tips after filing – to make sure the tips are smooth. This helps me a lot because my nails don’t break as often as they used to.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll wait until my nails have grown out a bit and the ridges return to buff again. I’ve not really noticed them being more fragile but as you said the more I buff them the more layer I’m removing which will inevitably leave them soft. I love the idea about buffing the tips after filing though, I’ll definitely be giving that a go! Thanks! 😀

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