Paper Crafting…

So I saw this wonderful paper art by Tiny_Tropicals and wanted to create my own. I thought it was a brilliant idea – I love fish and I hate a plain walls. I made sure to change the design enough so that it was ‘mine’ as I don’t enjoy being a like-for-like copy cat and I doubt anyone else enjoys seeing it. I think it damages your integrity. I also made sure to contact tiny_tropicals to get the a-okay with sharing the idea.

Anyway after cutting out and mounting my first one, I totally realized I hadn’t taken any progress pictures! I mean I didn’t want it to be an all out tutorial,  just a few ‘and then it looked like this’ sort of thing (unfortunately having written the rest of the post and then returned to this section I now realise that it’s actually turned into a half baked tutorial). I decided to create a few more sketches on potential ‘3D’ scenes, finally ending with a woodland theme.

The trickiest part, in my opinion, is thinking about it in 3D – how each layer will look on top, what colours to use, how to keep it simple enough etc. I used my layout pad (which is super thin paper allowing you to see through to the previous layers if you don’t know) to help me layer up my creation starting with the background features. I drew more layers on top making sure each one overlapped the other. Then it’s a case of cutting them out, drawing round them on to the coloured paper and cutting it out using your sharpest craft knife.

You maybe noticed from my layer sketches that I hadn’t included the stag. As he was a different colour, I drew him separately and just stuck him on to the back of a green layer.

After it’s all cut out of the coloured paper, have a little trial at layering them all together. No one wants to start fiddling about with those silly square, sticky pads and then realise it’s layering up all wrong (I found numbering them a little handy too so you minimize the risk to go wrong).

After the trial layering it’s time to get busy with those sticky pads – the 3D foam ones that people use for crafting? Unless you’re using quite large squares, which I was not, it takes ages to peel the backing paper off and afterwards it’s like some sort of snow storm has hit your desk with the amount that’s been peeled. But ta-da, how good does that look!

Two things I have learned for the future;
1) I wish I had larger sticky pads for certain bits
2) I wish I had thicker sticky pads to add extra depth at certain layers as I think this would make it look even more dimensional.

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

10 thoughts on “Paper Crafting…”

  1. To tell the truth, usually when I read nail art blogs I sort of resent info on beauty/ cosmetic info but your info on graphic art is SOOO NICE, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your experience!!!
    I love this concept and will add it to my list of things I hope to try out one of these months. It is so interesting to create with great impact, visually, I think.
    Thank you very much for the time you put into sharing your project work with me.

  2. About “thicker sticky pads,” you could use rubber glue to paste on either styrofoam packing sheets of “paper” or the colored rubber-type foam to get the effect you describe, perhaps. In fact, corregated paper used for packing in medium color brown might give great effect to the wooden tree trunks!

  3. I love this idea! It has given me an idea for some pictures in my son’s bathroom that have a shadowbox frame that are UGLY and I think that I may try this out to give it an EXTREME makeover, thanks for the share!

    1. You’re very welcome! They were pretty easy to craft, the hardest part was the cutting of course – the smooth lines were easy but the jaggy grass took forever, so just keep that in mind when choosing your design!

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