New Year Resolutions?…

So I never set ‘resolutions’ as such because let’s face I just wouldn’t stick to them, however I do set myself little ‘goals’ to achieve through-out the year. For example some of my personal ‘goals’ last year were to breed a fish, sell something I’d crafted and visit the beach with the dog – all of which I managed to ‘achieve’. It got me thinking that I should probably do the same thing for my blog, and made me reflect on all the ‘achievements’ of this year. (I warn you that after the pretty pictures, this post maybe gets a bit boring. I don’t mean it to come across as a peacock-ing post, I suppose it’s more for myself so I have something on the record to look back at but you might want to stop after the eye candy.)

Here’s 10 of my favourite designs from last year;


I think I like using the colour blue, huh? And now a round up of all the highlights of last year;

– Born Pretty Store contacted me to write product reviews. This was awesome, but scary as I’d never reviewed anything before.

– I uploaded several of my nail designs that included BPS products on to the BPS website, and they’ve been accepted. You can actually view them under the ‘customer images’ tab. Even though it’s not a big wow, I think that’s pretty cool.

– I’ve now published over 500 blog posts, that’s a lot of rambling.

– I participated in the OMD3 challenge, and it was great. I found a lot of new people to follow and it really put my creativity to work.

– I took part in a Harry Potter Nail Art Collaboration, because I’m a bit geek. That was exciting because we all didn’t know what the other was doing until the grand reveal!

– Mike, from the The Crafty Gentleman was kind enough to feature my Plantosaurs. I hope he’ll try to make one in the future!

– Beatrice, from UnghiesMaltate98 contacted me to do a mani swap. Again this was a first for me, and it was great fun. Beatice was also kind enough to give me mini Italian lessons whilst we communicated over email.

– I entered the #1234thumbwar competition held by ‘Models Own’ and one of my designs was selected (even though it was randomly, shhh…) and I won the entire Twilight collection – that’s 13 polishes, I was over the moon. The design that was chosen was my Eye See You design.

– After feeling peoples toes were lacking nail art this year, I teamed up with Alexandria from A girl and her Chicken named Betty to hold the ‘Pretty Pedi Project’ competition. Even though it wasn’t a massive success, people obviously don’t like showing their tootsies, it was great fun.

– I started a NVQ Nail Art course. This is a scary step for me, I’m very self critical and I have a feeling it’s going to take me a long time work up the guts to send my work in for assesment.

So that’s all the ‘look at me, I’m brilliant’ nonsense and now on to the second boring part. This year’s goals!

– Finish my self set ‘Pokemon Challenge’. It’s been dragging on for over a year…
– Finish my nail art course.
– Interact more: I feel as if I’ve been getting a bit lazy by just ‘liking’ things, I need to start commenting and letting people know they’re doing awesome things!
– Hold another competition.
– Take part in more collaborations and mani-swaps. Why sit back and wait, I should be the instigator!

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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