8 thoughts on “Splodgey Mess…

  1. I guess what you say is what the n/a looks like in “real life” but in the photos, it looks very nice.
    Maybe it would look better with stamping onto a sponge and then “lead light” placement of color (on the bottom side of the stamping before applying the whole decal to the nail). That way, the colors would be separated and not bother you by “splodging.”

    • Thank you, but you’re right in that it looked a mess in ‘reality’. My method just didn’t work, but the way you suggested sounds interesting as it would have probably turned out more controlled than ‘splodgy’.

  2. I actually quite like it too. It reminds me of the galaxy nail trend. Just add in some white stars.

  3. Pfft. Messier the funner!

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