Ciate Feathers…

So I love wandering around TKMaxx; I often find cool objects for my house or for gifts, I pick up the occasional scarf or bag and lately even pieces of Bill Skinner jewellery! I always make sure to have a little peek at the nail varnish section too, as every now and then there are interesting bargains. (Like a bottle of SecheVite for £3.99). Today though, I picked up ‘Ciate Feathered Manicure’ for £2.99!

I’m a sop for a cute box and a nicely packaged kit, so I thought the whole presentation was lovely. They give you a good amount of feathers; 40 to be exact (which have been ethically sourced?) meaning you can get 4 full sets of nails out of it. Also included are a nail file, a pair of scissors, a FULL SIZE speed coat pro, and a ‘mini paint pot’. I think that’s a fair bargain!

Regarding applying the feathers, it was pretty simple. Apply a coat of your base colour, then the speed coat. Whilst the speed coat was still wet, apply the feather, cut the majority of what’s not on your nail off, then file what’s left down, finally brush up your nail with the speed coat – this seals in all the vanes of the feather and ta da! I made sure to top coat them again normally, going down my nail to seal it in even more and to make sure I sealed the ends in – I didn’t not want anything catching *shudders*….


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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