BornPrettyStore: Butterfly Decals…

So it’s actually been pretty nice for the last few days, therefore I wanted to wear something summery. I was sent these Butterfly Water Decals* from BornPrettyStore to try out and thought they’d be perfect to the summer weather.

As per usual the water decals were of good quality which is amazing seeing as right now, 19/08, they are $0.99. The sheet of decals included 5 different sizes of butterflies – super handy as, I don’t mean to state the obvious here, but everyone’s nails are different sizes.

Before applying them to my nails I decided which ones would be the most suitable, and trimmed them if necessary. I cut them before putting them in the water to make it easier for myself, as shown below.

The water decals from BornPrettyStore always really impress me; they only take around 10-15 seconds in the water before they can slide off, they don’t feel too delicate (anyone who uses water decals knows the fear of ‘oh god, what if I tear it’) and once on your nail they allow for some re-positioning if you don’t get it right first time – unlike some others that are just too sticky.

The above photo shows the decals ‘as is’ once applied to the nail. Of course, I couldn’t resist adding something extra just to jazz them up a bit! I added a little touch of glitter and a few gems, which I think it enough, anymore and it could have edged towards being tacky? (Also spot the numpty holding the wrong bottle of polish… cringe!)

If you fancy getting your hands of these Butterfly Water Decals, head on over to BornPrettyStore now! If you order anything remember to use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off full priced items – and remember it’s free shipping!


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

3 thoughts on “BornPrettyStore: Butterfly Decals…”

  1. This is lovely n/a, I think. I like that the decal size “graduates” and, also, that there is a logical place to separate the segments of the design.

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