Nail Art Swap Feat. Unghiesmaltate98…

So I recently took part in my first ever ‘nail art swap’ and it was great fun. A lovely Italian blogger named Beatrice from ‘Unghiesmaltate98’, dropped me an email suggesting we collaborate and I basically bit her hand off – it was such a great compliment that someone would want me to re-create their nail art and vice versa.

(P.S through-out our correspondence Beatrice was teaching me some words in Italian, I managed to kind of work out that ‘Unghie Smaltate’ sort of means ‘painted nails’, how cool is that!)

At first I was super nervous, I spent days looking through her blog searching for the right nail art to ‘copy’. (She was very patient as I also disappeared away on holiday for a week) After getting to know Beatrice and her nail art a little more, I realized that her signature style was definitely Leopard Print. When I saw the following post on her blog I knew this was the design I was going to paint. I thought the way she had reversed the colours of the base and spots just looked so cool. I also admire how delicate she can make her hand look when photographing it, I always think mines looks awkward.

Beatrice says she chose the bow design of mine as she liked the colours and the gold glitter, she also thought it was ‘tereni’ (meaning cute!). I think she did a wonderful job, I can’t believe how close in similarity they are! We are publishing our posts at the same time so I can’t link to her post yet, but bare with me!

Nail Art Swap

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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