BornPrettyStore: Stamping Plate BP16…

So as we all know, I am no stamper. So when Born Pretty Store asked me to pick a few items for review I thought ‘Why not go for a stamping set?’. This would give a fair review as a total novice trying it out, rather than a stamping wizard doing it who would no doubt get amazing results anyway. I picked this animal plate* and a stamper and scraper* because again, you would probably need to buy both when starting out.

The plate comes with a blue protective film, remember to take this off. The stamper is a good size to hold and looks like it’ll be large enough to pick up all of the zebra print section. The scraper feels sturdy and has a metal edge for removing excess polish, making cleaning it afterwards pretty easy.

The actual stamping TOOK PRACTICE AND REPETITION before I got anything usable! I don’t actually own any ‘stamping polishes’, again probably fairer I didn’t as what normal person really does. So at first I had major problems finding the right polish to stamp with, they didn’t transfer well, they looked too feint, etc etc. I eventually found that my Barry M ‘Guava’ was good because it was thicker and possibly more pigmented meaning the colour looked bolder. This had nothing to do with the plate/stamper/scraper, just me!

It also took me a while to understand how to ‘scrape’. At first I was holding it at the wrong angles, scrapping off too much, not scrapping off enough, too slow, catching the scraper on other designs. But once I got it, boy I got it! It was such a good feeling, the scraper is excellent it was just my inexperience!

As for the stamper, it was great for picking up designs, the pad is rounded meaning you can do a fancy rolling motion and transferring the design on to my nail was easy enough with the stamper too – it’s soft and deep meaning you can give the design a good press on to your nail without any problems. The stamper/scraper set is a great purchase as you don’t need to buy it again, so you’ll always have it for use on more plates.

The plate itself has a lot of small details, like the zebra eyes and trees and I was so happy with how they picked up. (You can see how tiny the details are especially on my pinky). It cleaned really easily, all I did was wipe it with an acetone soaked cotton pad to remove the polish then wiped it with a tissue to dry off the residue.

Over-all I’m impressed with the products – they worked well and did their job! It’s just myself that needs to practice, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty good for a first attempt. The designs are fantastic and I’ll definitely be having a play with it again. The prices are already crazy cheap for such good stuff, free delivery too, but remember you’ll get an extra 10% off with the code ‘AZYW10’ at checkout.

*These were provided free of charge, in return for me providing a review on my blog.


Author: WonderfulWolf

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