BornPrettyStore: Butterfly Water Decals…

So I was interested in trying out these water decals from Born Pretty Store just because they were so dang cheap! When I had a look at the decals* in the packet, I was at first a little worried about how they would look on my nails as they appeared to have a very noticeable ‘outline’ (you can sort of see it where my flash has reflected off of them). I worried in case it was going to make them look really stuck on, and possibly even curl with a top coat. However, they applied like a dream – no visible outline nor top-coat curling! Hooray!

As for the application – they are free of mess and so easy to apply! All you need are the decals, a tub of warmish water, tweezers, scissors and a tissue.
-You cut round the desired butterfly and peel off the transparent protective layer.
– Dunk the butterfly right under the water, and let it drown there.
– I waited around 15 seconds, using my tweezers to pick it back out of the water, and checked if the decal could be slid off the backing paper. (If not put it back in)
– I then placed the decal onto my nails, you can move them around a bit before they ‘set’ due to a little bit of water still being on them.
– Then once in the desired position, with the tissue I lightly pressed down the decal and dabbed up the excess water therefore ‘sticking’ the decal to my nail.
– Topcoat!

The instructions on the back of the packet talk about ‘blow drying’ and actually feature an illustration of someone holding a hairdryer to their nails, my nails never went anywhere near one and they still turned out great so….
The decals themselves are also a really nice size, I managed to get two onto my smallest nails and they do come in several sizes which is even better! And there’s still plenty left for another design.

Remember to use the code ‘AZYW10’ for 10% off your Born Pretty Store order.

*The decals were provided to me free of charge in return for a review on my blog.


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

6 thoughts on “BornPrettyStore: Butterfly Water Decals…”

    1. I wondered about that too, that’s why I had to try them! Disintegration, transfer, crappy look, sticking up edge – all potential down-falls but they worked like a dream. Buy some now! They have loads of designs.

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