Studded Spotting…

So I just love this technique! ‘Water Spotting’ is super easy – fill a little tub of water, drop some polish in, spray some perfume onto it, dip your nails in and voila! I’m not sure why I chose this colour combination, I don’t think it works particularly well actually. I then added some studs just to liven it up a little.

Water Spotting and Studs

Water Spotting and Studs

4 thoughts on “Studded Spotting…

  1. I keep meaning to try this technique – it looks so cool. This is cute – reminds me of Mr. Bubble. 🙂

    • Haha I’m afraid I had no idea who ‘Mr Bubble’ was, I had to google him, sorry! It is a super fun technique, a little bit addictive to be honest.

      • Ha! It’s super cheap bubble bath, and he’s their mascot. I love the pink, blue and white colour combo on the bottle, but Mr. Bubble Original smells HORRID (pink bubblegum – yeeeugh. Peaches and Cream scent isn’t bad, though. 🙂

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