DIY Terrarium Kit…

So I received a wonderful present for Christmas – a DIY Terrarium kit! They’re neat things anyway but the fact I got to create how it looked was way cooler, even though the thought of messing it up filled me with dread for a few days. Once I’d managed to calm my fears, I got stuck right in to it and it was so much fun. (I actually almost got carried away and filled up the bowl with too many sand layers before remembering I had plants to put in too!)

The kit is from Botanica Home, a Glasgow based company and contains everything you need –  the bowl, sand, plants, and decorations. At first I was reserved about using too much sand as I was worried I would run out, but actually there ended up being plenty left over. I also had a hard time trying to decide how to use the decorations, there were so many in the pack! Two colours of moss, two shells, two pieces of wood, some stones for topping and a toadstool. So with these for my arsenal, along with the colour of the sands, I decided to go for a sea-beach-desert-forest look. I just hope I pulled it off and it doesn’t look too busy? I wanted to create a look that would be interesting from different angles, meaning I had the option of turning it round every now and then to keep it interesting looking so that was an added challenge. I decided to leave out one of the shells, add in another toadstool of my own, and kept out a lot of the moss. I think it’s great that the kit includes so much though, it meant I had lots of options and everyone’s will turn out different. (It also means I could maybe make a second little terrarium too from all the left-overs!)

Over-all I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I hope the person who gifted it to me will be pleased that I like it so much. The kit was of great quality too and I highly recommend you check them out for either a treat to yourself or as a ‘something different’ gift to give.

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

4 thoughts on “DIY Terrarium Kit…”

  1. Cute! I saw a super expensive bell jar-type one in this frou-frou Victoriana store, but this seems like a better idea for a first-try (seriously, they were, like, $100 for something the size of a mason jar!)

    1. My goodness! I see that they’ve became quite popular again though in household magazines and such like so that’s maybe why there’s such a big price-tag on it! It’s probably quite a simple thing to put together yourself, but the kit was just nice because all the stuff was there and it was a lovely gift.

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