MiniManiMonth ‘Snow Globe’…

So for Day 1 of the Advent I opened up ‘Snow Globe’, it’s a flakey/flaky/flakie polish. Generally I’m not too keen on them, mainly because I don’t know how to make them look good. I’ve seen them layered on black which seems to bring out their colours so that’s what I went for. I was impressed by the application, that’s only two coats and look how packed it is. I was also impressed by the drying time, usually these things take eons to dry. However, I found that the ‘flakes’ were sometimes too big meaning they stuck up from the nail and made it kind of rough. It does look pretty though huh?

Ciate Snow Globe

3 thoughts on “MiniManiMonth ‘Snow Globe’…

  1. Ha! I cant believe it – great (nail polish) minds think alike! – I’m wearing my first ever flakie RIGHT NOW : )

    And it’s VERY similar looking to yours, only I layered it over dark emerald.

    Surprised me too, how much the flakes were sticking up from the nail – unlike any sort of glittery top coat I ever applied.

    They ARE fun though.

    • That is weird! They are really pretty, but I don’t know how often I’d use it to be honest. I do wonder what it would look like over other colours but it’s unintentional roughness has put me off.

      p.s stop lying about it being ‘dark emerald’ ;p

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