So I have this throw in my living room, and I maybe have a bit of a crush on it. It’s so cozy and cute, but it serves no real purpose nor does it match the colour scheme but so what. Sometimes it’s nice to just have to have things you like right? Anyway… I thought it would make some cute nail art, and be seasonally appropriate. My new white (a brand called ‘Jess’ from Poundland £1) is pretty thin, it takes loads of coats to work as a base so I went for the ‘reverse’ design.

Fox Nail Art
Fox Nail Art.


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

7 thoughts on “Foxy…”

  1. That’s a great use of design on something else for n/a!
    Do you happen to have a knitting machine as that is how the throw is made, whether a home version or commercial one? I have several and need to get back to using them as you can make whatever design you wish, not to mention the “standard” patterns. One of these ….

    1. Thanks! Naaah, I picked up the throw in TKMaxx, I can’t knit I’m afraid- wool gives me the heebies – nor do I have any machines. It would be good to see some of your designs!

  2. I can’t find your page with the decal discussion (unless I have the wrong blogger). Can you please direct me back to where I had been reading? TX much.

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