Applied Marbling…

So this water marble was made wet, but actually applied dry! ‘Lady Lacquer‘ (in my opinion) is the queen of water marbling – I’m still in awe at her amazing water marbling results as mines are always so bad. So when I saw her use this technique, I couldn’t not give it a go. I wasn’t that adventurous with my shapes, but I think it gave me a cool result and I’d like to try it again with different shapes and colours! It’s a lot less messier than taping your fingers but them getting covered anyway, etc etc.
Applied Water Marble Decal

4 thoughts on “Applied Marbling…

  1. That is a really cool way to do it…looks great!

    • I know right! It takes away the whole, ‘aww I don’t like how that turned out on my nail, I’ll have to take it off and start again’. Just make the marbles, let them dry, then choose!

  2. Aww thanks for the amazing compliment, I LOVE it! The colors look awesome together.

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