Tip Top Nails Competition – ‘Pond Water’…

So Tip Top Nails are holding an international nail art competition. You have to do a design with an accent nail using only use three polishes, here comes the twist, chosen by a male in your life. How fun! The other few rules are that stamping is discouraged as they want to see skills, and no acrylic paint! Which is awesome as I don’t yet use acrylic paint. One entry per person and it closes on 31st August. Check it out!

I let my boyfriend chose the polishes, these were his choices. I was like ‘Ooohh dear…’ – two are pretty samey, one’s my favourite polish which I use all the time, and the sinful colors green stains!  Eeep!

Stevens Picks

With me having plenty of time to pick a design for the contest, I thought it would be good fun to do a whole week of designs just using those three colours, then decide which one I’m actually going to submit. As an added extra I’m also letting my boyfriend name the design. I obviously know what I’m going for but it might be quite interesting to see what he sees.  Here’s what he said about this one;

“It looks a bit like planet earth, like looking down from space because the lighter bits look like clouds.”

Therefore, what did he call it? ‘Pond water’…. Which didn’t relate to what he’d just told me, but it was cool because that’s what I saw. I sort of saw this underwater scene with the sponged nails, so added a mermaid-esk accent nail.

Pond Water


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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