Fingerprint fail?…

So I’ve never tried the fingerprint method before, and it looks cool and an easy non-messy technique to try. But mines turned out weird I think for two reasons – I used a yucky colour combination and I don’t think my prints came out as well as they could have. I’ll tr it again at some point, but I’ve had one of those days that no matter what I’ve painted it still looks terrible. I tried some flowers, they looked like they should have belonged in my first ever nail art collection, and I tried some squidged, clingfilm nails and they looked like baby vomit. Tomorrow is another day!

Finger Print


Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

11 thoughts on “Fingerprint fail?…”

      1. Seems like it might be easier, if you use a light coat to start with and then gently dab off some with a finger?

        But if you wanted to do addition again, you could probably do a pale base color (or white) and then fingerprint ink or colored pencil/chalk dust on top while it’s still tacky. More like standard fingerprint art done on paper.

      2. Yeah, I was going to do classic black on white or red on white, but my white polish is almost done (as in probably should be in the bin as I’ve tried to revive it from it’s tacky state more than a few times now). I’ll maybe try the subtraction technique if I’m going to try it it again!

  1. It always stinks when a nail idea looks cool in your mind and then doesn’t look so great when you actually do it in real life. We’ve all been there! I hope tomorrow is a better nail day for you!

  2. If I didn’t read your post and would only see the picture, I’d definitely think that the nailart is meant to be like that. It looks absolutely amazing and thank you for the idea! I might try it out some time, looks cool.. Have a nice day!

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