OMD2 – Day 23 Roses…

So goodness knows what possessed me to mix these two colours together. I think I like the peach and the large glitter together, I think, but with the fine glitter and the roses added – nope no thanks! I know technically the challenge ended yesterday but I’m still playing catch-up eeek!

OMD2 Roses

6 thoughts on “OMD2 – Day 23 Roses…

  1. What are those flowers made of?

    • Erm, I got them from ebay and I can’t remember how they were described. They feel kind of rubbery, like a sort of siliconey thing going on. They’re flexible so they’re great at actually fitting onto your nail compared to other rigid decorations which stick out etc.

  2. These really make me think of like grandma brooches pinned to a fuzzy, orange sweater.

  3. I love these colors together, never would of thought of doing it!

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