OMD2 – Day 29 National Pride…

So for some Scottish people what I’ve painted on this nail wheel might be totally cringey, but for myself – I love that kind of stuff. I went for Scotland instead of ‘Great Britain’ as I feel I can’t ever think of anything actually ‘British’. Red Buses, Black Cabs, Tea, Big Ben, etc etc – they’re all London themed really! I’ve always been curious as to how other people define ‘Britain’ through food/landmarks/etc? Or even Scotland for that matter!
Also, I realised Irn Bru, Haggis and a Midge might be totally unknown – so if anyone’s got any questions ask away!

National Pride

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

5 thoughts on “OMD2 – Day 29 National Pride…”

    1. Okay so a midge is a small, bitey fly. Who usually hang about in swarms and come out around dusk. They don’t like wind or rain or it being too cold. They smell you breathing, seriously, it’s the CO2 they’re attracted too. Their bites aren’t sore or anything, they just get really itchy. And they bite anywhere, seriously. I’m fortunately not too affected by them, but my mum and brother get pretty attacked.

      Irn Bru is this orange coloured, sweet flavoured carbonated soft drink (that I personally don’t like). It has a super interesting back story if you can be bothered reading. This is what I have heard – So obviously, Scotland back yonder was pretty industrious with iron works, it got very hot and sweaty and the workers got thirsty. So they’d end up having a pint or two at lunch which wasn’t great for them working. So a company came up with ‘Iron Brew’ for them to drink instead. (It wasn’t like how it is today, it was less sweet etc to appeal to the men). But then they had to change the name to Bru because it wasn’t actually brewed. And it was originally created in Falkirk which is where I’m from! I don’t know how much of that is actually fact because like I said, it’s been learned from stories passed down, and thanks for sticking around if you’ve got to this last word!

      1. These are so cool! I mean I love national facts like these!

        I got itchy just by reading this.

        Haha, I love Irn Bru then! Bru, not brew ; ) Is it anything like Fanta? The taste? And how cool that it’s from Falkirk! (when I was sending you the package for some reason I got really excited it’s Falkirk… Like the name I guess. : ))

      2. Thank goodness, it was honestly ridiculously long for a ‘comment’. Naah, it doesn’t really taste like Fanta. It’s a bit of an odd one to explain. I’d send you a tin but I’d be scared in case it exploded. Definitely something to try if you’re ever in Scotland!

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