Pokemon Theme: Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff…

So believe it or not my brother, and I hope I don’t embarrass him by writing this publicly should he ever read my blog, absolutely loved Jigglypuff. He was never into Pokemon as much as myself (he was Β too young to understand the fuss about it I think) but you’d assume with him being a boy a big-eyed, singing, bright pink ball would have been the least appealing pokemon to him. Just goes to show you shouldn’t gender stereotype things!

My gosh was it a pain to paint though! Eurgh. Free-hand circle outline? Never again.

Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff Nail Art

Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff Nail Art

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Theme: Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff…

  1. So so cute! I love them πŸ˜€
    By the way, I mailed your package first class yesterday so if it didn’t reach you today then it’ll be with you tomorrow ^.^

  2. I knew when I saw your Venomoth design, there had to be a Jiggypuff and ITS SO CUTE!!! This one was by far my favorite not only because it was pink and singing, LOVE this one!

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