Nail Rockits Velvet…

So I’m a bit slow to try out the velvet/flock powder stuff mainly because I never really fancied it. But when I saw a velvet kit by ‘Rock Beauty London’, which usually retail at around £9.99, selling for £1.29 I had to give it a go.

– The polish used to ‘stick’ the velvet was super thin and dried really quick, but if you managed to catch it wet the velvet did indeed stick. I must say I loved the feel of the velvet, so soft and fuzzy!
– On the package it suggested you use the nail varnish to stick the studs – it didn’t really work. I think the velvet hindered them sticking properly, and also you couldn’t put a top coat on as it made the velvet go rock hard and look ugly. The stars and small studs were a fine size, but those over-sized circles? I don’t know whos nails they’re meant to fit, they totally didn’t lie flat!
– The application was a bit clumsy too as it’s a double sided thing. The surface area to stand the pots up was ridiculous, I was waiting on them taking a header at any moment.
– The clean up of the velvet was a bit messy. It doesn’t let you shake it about as nicely/cleanly as glitter so I ended up brushing a lot of it onto the floor. Shhh…
– The longevity of the whole thing, like under two minutes after I’d taken the photo. The majority of the studs were literally balancing on my nails having not stuck to the velvet. But, if I could figure out a way past this issue, I’d say they’d be pretty cool for a night out. Definitely worth £1.29, but probably not £9.99.

Nail Rockits Velvet

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

One thought on “Nail Rockits Velvet…”

  1. I’ve never tried flocking powder, I don’t think I even have any. The look is cool, but somehow I feel I wouldn’t like it. Maybe if I manage to find cheap bargain like this, I’ll try it out.

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