Mosaic Dinosaur Scales…

So I couldn’t decide if this design was more like a mosaic or dinosaur scales, so why not both! I really enjoyed doing this design, and I’d like to try it again in some different colour combinations. In this photo they don’t have a top coat on, as they’re Barry M Hi-Shine Gellys and they sure do live up to their name! (I did paint a top coat on afterwards, just because I like how smooth it makes your nails look)

Dinosaur Skin

8 thoughts on “Mosaic Dinosaur Scales…

  1. Cute! Love the colors you used.

  2. These are pretty! 🙂

  3. Jurassic Park nails.
    Love it.
    Not sure if my British girlfriend would go for these, (she is a research scientist), but I would encourage her to.

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