Pokemon Theme: Bulbasaur Set…

So unfortunately I’m 23 years old and still love Pokemon. It’s probably really sad and weird for those of you who don’t get it, but for those who do – you’ll understand. I had a crazy idea to try and paint all 150 of the original Pokemon, but then realised this might a) take me years b) turn my blog into solely Pokemon nail art therefore alienating those who don’t know/get Pokemon c) result in me never wanting to see any of them again because I’ve looked at them so much. However! I have started at #01 – Bulbasaur and it’s evolution’s. I always chose him as my starter Pokemon, yeahr!

(P.S When I first started playing Pokemon cards, I said ‘Evolvations’ instead of ‘Evolutions’. Anyone else?…)

Bulbasaur Evolution

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

17 thoughts on “Pokemon Theme: Bulbasaur Set…”

  1. These are AWESOME, and you should totally do all of the characters! Just spread ’em out in between some other designs so you don’t go nuts in the process (as I once did with a similar Disney project.)

    Also, liking Pokémon beyond the age of 12 is neither sad nor weird – I’m 36 and I still play the Sims (as well as lots of other stuff deemed immature and unbecoming for a lady of my advanced years!) I highly recommend NOT

    1. Haha. I mean I still function as an adult with a proper job and house and stuff so surely I’m allowed… And I don’t think playing the Sims is that bad! It’s quite adult anyway. We need our fun ae!

  2. Ahhhh I love the nail art! And I’m 21 and have never stopped playing pokemon ;D
    I’ve thought about doing all of the pokemon as well, but now they’re up to 719 and counting T_T Maybe we should form a pokemon nail art group and divide the task between like 50 people lol

    1. Yeah, crazy crazy numbers that’s why I’d reckon it’ll only be the 101 I paint IF I manage to stay sane. Some of them are so weird looking now anyway I don’t know if I could rely on my skills to paint them. I’m playing Pokemon X and sometimes I’m just like ‘what on earth is this’, there was like a floating sword pokemon, seriously guys?…

      1. Hahaha yeah, sometimes I do feel like they’re running out of ideas. But hey, you could always save on a couple pokemon by being like, I’m not recycling this mani from last week, it’s just a ditto that transformed into a bulbasaur! 😛

    1. Thanks! I’m starting to feel weird about it, my mum looks at me strangely/concernedly when I’m like ‘I painted some Pokemon’ as if it’s some sort of childhood phase I should have grown out of by now.

  3. These are rad. My husband and I are 27 and 24 and we still play too! I always picked Bulbasaur as my starter too :3

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