Scratch Roppongi Glam Glitter…

So I couldn’t stay away from using these again for long. This time I tried to go for a different look – the picture doesn’t do the glitter any justice and it all looks a bit weird. But in the flesh, it honestly doesn’t look so strange. I just love love love how versatile these are, I wish I’d bought a few packets! I’ve still got some left, so stay tuned (hope yous aren’t bored of seeing them!).

Roppongi Glam Glitter


11 thoughts on “Scratch Roppongi Glam Glitter…

  1. Such a cool look 🙂

  2. I still think they look awesome. They remind me of the Aliens at the start of Firth Element, the big slow ones that go to the tomb? Anyway, they look great!

  3. Im putting this on the website dopppe!

  4. Oh wow I love these!

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