O.P.I Nail Apps Giveaway!…

So I really liked wearing these ‘nail apps’. As I previously said they were nice to apply and lasted well and when removing them, all I needed was nail varnish remover – they didn’t need scraped off, or leave a sticky residue. Brill! So as they were such a bargain and it was such a good product, I thought ‘Hey, I’d like to share these with folk’. So I went out and bought 5 more sets. Personally I thought maybe one set each for 5 winners was more exciting than one big bundle for one winner?… Anyway, the give-away isn’t for anything in particular, no milestone or anything. I personally dislike it when give-aways are like ‘Tweet my Twitter’, and ‘Follow my Instagram’ or whatever else because I don’t have these things so I can never actually enter. Due to this I’ve made it quite easy to enter (I hope – I’ve never used rafflecopter, I’m not sure how it works, so I was kind of winging it! I just hope it works..). Give it a go!

Enter the giveaway here ! And let me know if there’s any problems.

Here are the ‘apps’ up for grabs! From left to right: ‘Blk/Grey Rattlesnake’, ‘Sequins’, ‘Parisians’, ‘Floral’, ‘Geometric Sparkle’.


Give-Away Details…

It’s international, seeing as they’ll be quite cheap to post – just make sure your country won’t deem the package dangerous or anything weird like that (I know some places have some odd restrictions).

5 people will win one set of ‘Nail Apps’, the design the winners will be sent will be randomly picked.

I bought these products myself. I’m not gaining financially, etc from doing this, etc, etc whatever everyone else says in their disclosures.

The Give-away is ‘open’ for a week-ish! Good Luck!

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

17 thoughts on “O.P.I Nail Apps Giveaway!…”

  1. I’ve been looking for a quality nail stickers and these are amazing. I love Opi and just recently bought me an my daughter some colors from the Mariah Carey collection. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

  2. Oooh that floral pattern is beautiful! I’ve tried other nail art stickers without much luck, (my nails are too skinny) I would love to see how these hold up to the others.

  3. Never used any OPI products myself but had ‘Dulce de Leche’ nail varnish used on me in a nail salon this one time! I’d love the Parisians or Floral one, they look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I’ve never tried these nail wraps it im a little hesitant to buy any. The ones I’ve tried, peel off so easily it really doesn’t seem worth it. I own several OPI polishes, my favorite being Samoan sand. Well at the moment it’s my favorite. You know how that goes! 🙂

    1. Yeah! Some come off so easy, like the glue melts after washing your hands just a few times. These are so different because they’re actual nail polish so there’s no glue involved.

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