O.P.I Nail Apps…

So my nails are in a terrible, terrible state. They’re dry, and peely, and short and yuck! With them being so ugly and too depressing to paint on I went for nail wraps. Or rather ‘Nail Apps’ from  O.P.I. On the packaging it says they are ‘100% pure lacquer’, I’ve never tried wraps like that before or any O.P.I stuff as it’s usually pretty darn expensive. The ‘Nail Apps’ are r.r.p at £7.59-£9.99, this is true, and I’d never pay that but I picked them up at ‘B&M’ for… £1.99. Wow wow wow. I ended up buying five different sets… Technically £50 worth for £10. Bargain!

They applied nicely; they stuck to the nail well, they didn’t wrinkle too much like some other brands (I messed up my thumb…), as of yet they haven’t chipped or anything. But they smell like actual nail varnish – which I suppose I should have expected seeing as that’s what they technically are but I just didn’t realise just how much they would stink. They do have a lovely over-all look to them! I’m impressed but I’m glad I only paid £1.99 for them, maybe I’m just a cheap-skate though…
This design is ‘Reptile’.

OPI Nail Apps, Reptile

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

6 thoughts on “O.P.I Nail Apps…”

    1. Yeah yeah, Scotland! It’s just like a cheaper shop, they get ‘brand’ stuff in huge quantities and sell it for cheaper than the supermarkets and stuff. It’s actually quite a good shop because everything’s still new and good quality.

    1. I thought they were really great, they actually even came off like nail varnish rather than a sticky gloop like other wraps. I hope your branch has some in-stock, and I wonder if they’ll have different designs! (I’m going to post my first ever blog give-away tomorrow with some sets because I thought they were quite impressive and that other people should at least try them!)

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