So I’m using two more of my new Barry M polishes – matte polish ‘crush’ and textured polish ‘princess’. (I actually wanted to call the post something like ‘Crushed Princess’ but thought that was a bit sick) I’ve not done a print in a while and thought these two would work well together as tiger. I think they create an interesting contrast with each other.

I had to put a pink base coat on (Barry M – ‘Peach Melba’) as the textures are quite pale/sheer and would probably need a lot of coats to actually show their bottle colour. And as always, the glitter is so much nicer in reality.

Pink Tigress

10 thoughts on “Tigress…

  1. Nice. And cool. I wish I could do it myself. 🙂

  2. I like it, worked really well, I love the colour of those stripes!

  3. Love the quirky zebra print!

  4. Is this done with a brush or with a stamp? Can you stamp with textured polish or is that smooth stamping polish on top of the textured coat?

    • They were painted with one of my thicker striping brushes. The stripes are matte effect polish, painted onto a textured polish base which ends up giving them a bumpy looking effect.

      • I love the main polish’s color and texture as well as the color you used for striping. It is a great mani, I think, and lucky you for being able to control a brush so well!

      • Haha thanks! I find striping for tiger/zebra print easier because it doesn’t have to be too perfect or straight.

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