Werewolf Nails…

So this was a little bit ridiculous but I couldn’t resist it – whilst needle felting the wool was crying out to be stuck on to my nails. And this is how it looks! But honestly, it was just one of those ‘ha ha, this is going to look so stupid but I’m still going to do it and I’m going to take it off straight after’ designs. So admittedly I could have done it way better 1 – If I’d used my nail glue instead of just waiting for (the  obviously glittery) polish to go tacky and 2 – If I’d arranged the wool a little better onto my nails. It works for Halloween though ae! My mum was genuinely creeped out by them.

Werewolf Nail Art

Author: WonderfulWolf

Crafter. Nail Painter. Dinosaur Wrangler. 26, Left-Handed, Scottish.

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