Halloween Patchwork…

So patch-work is kind of Halloweeny?…  I mean Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas is patch-work and Frankensteins monster was too. A bit of a stretch? Well I’ve even done them in Halloween colours, so yeah I think it deserves the title of a Halloween design. I really enjoyed doing these, I’ve only done what you’d maybe class as patch-work once before but I must say this time it’s a lot better – neater and the colour combination is nicer.

Also dilemma! I’ve broken 3 of my 5 nails do I;
a) Cut the other two off and start equal
b) Do I just wait on the others to catch back up?

Halloween Patch-Work Nail Art

9 thoughts on “Halloween Patchwork…

  1. These are simply gorgeous! I might try and replicate them. As for your nail dilema, I choose option a, cut and start equal!

    Twitter/Instagram : @colourmeniki

    • Please do! They’re really easy to do and it would be great to see them in different colours. I want to go for option a but they’re so long they’re almost precious to me! I know that cutting them shorter is the right thing to do though, sigh.

  2. These are great! Very Patchwork Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas 🙂

  3. I love them, such crisp colours, great work on this design!
    I usually cut all and start equally, I can’t stand uneven random nail lengths.,,

    • Thanks, I’m glad you appreciate them. They did take a wee while because I was trying to be so neat.

      I had to bite the bullet and cut them. It feels weird now! They’ve not been that short for a while, I can actually feel things with the tops of my fingers.

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