Cocktail Theme: Mojito…

So it’s been a while since I finished my Marine Theme nails so I thought it best to start another. This time cocktails! I love cocktails, they’re so tasty and pleasant to drink. One of my personal favourites is a Mojito which is easy to make and easy to drink. The main ingredients being white rum, sugar, limes and mint leaves. I tried to paint some ‘mint leaves’ lighter/darker than others to give it a depth like the real thing, but that hasn’t come up well on the photo.

Mojito Nail Art

6 thoughts on “Cocktail Theme: Mojito…

  1. Yes! to those greens on a white base, love it.

    • That’s interesting, because looking back on them I’m like ‘naah, that’s not nice’. They’re too stark for my taste I think (At the moment anyway, I could look back at them next week and be like ‘HEY! Favourite colour combo every!’.)

  2. Hehe, I know what you mean!
    But I also think this happens especially when I use a white base. Sometimes it just seems too stark, even if heavily stamped over, and it depends on the mood, time or something…

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