Comic Book Nails…

I couldn’t resist trying out these comic book nails, after seeing Models Own Nail Art Wraps today. They didn’t quite turn out quite like the wraps, but I still like them anyway.

This was actually my second attempt. Which I preferred over my first try – comic book pages are matt and I managed to get the lines a lot straighter and my top coat didn’t smudge this time.

My first attempt, I didn’t like them glossy. And it was just a general mess, although I do still like the design – maybe more than the second design. (Is this getting confusing?…)


  1. you need to do Batman nails… 1 nail that says “Da” and the rest say “na”.
    haha! seriously, though, nails look awesome! major props for it!

    • Thanks! Haha yeah, I could DA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BAT MAN over my ten nails! Unfortunately I can’t paint with my right hand…. (What’s embarrassing is that those nails are so old now, and I can honestly paint better! Maybe I should do comic nails again…)

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